What is the clickbank


This is the first option offered by e-lenders for the provision of credit in a way that keeps users from taking a payment. A capital pledge account will be held by the user upon opening the clickbank, which will keep a record of all the transactions that take place in the account. This account will hold the customer’s sensitive information, such as personal information, and will be locked if the account is closed. Upon using the clickbank, the user will pay for loans online with a special individual banking app on a mobile device or web browser. After the applicant pays, the page will be shown showing a chart that displays the amounts of money within the account, with the amount being paid out being reported against the account holder’s account balance within the account holder’s web browser.

Payment methods

Online banking will utilize the online banking software from Microsoft and Oracle, where the applicant will connect to the clickbank to use a portion of their credit limit. With your up payment method, the process will be easy. First, the person will receive a bill that shows a balance of the applicant’s payment plan, and will send an email informing the applicant that they have successfully made their payment. At that point, there will be a tab to show that applicant payment plan. After using the application click a “Finish Paid” button, which will upload the submitted payment onto the clickbank for verification. From there, for credit card’s applications, the user’s information will be logged within the system and will be seen by the clickbank’s technology.

When accepting a credit card application the verification and online transaction will process as normal, however a text message will be sent to the user to confirm the acceptance. After entering this information and filling it out, the applicant will be presented with a user card that will be attached to their online account. Once the card gets processed, the applications process will become less complex. After the application is submitted, a short e-mail with the details of the amount and date of withdrawal will be sent to the applicant, where they will be asked to enter their security PIN and complete an online application for a credit card.

Credit card setup

For credit card process, using the Internet banking, you will create a new account. Once you have made a new account, you will be presented with a confirmation that will allow you to enter your security pin. After entering your security pin, a color will flash up on your screen indicating the card, and the verification process will begin. This process will also give you the opportunity to enter any information you need, such as the data required for automated insurance identification, which, when combined with the user name and email will enable you to create your new credit card. Once you make the payment, you will get a confirmation email with the verification information and your account. From there, you will receive a short text message. Once you input a card payment method, the process will complete within minutes. After the transaction is completed, the system will report back to you that the new card is active, along with confirmation email with your email and password. The confirmation email will also give you a full history of your past transactions. For transactions such as: deposited cardholder funds, cardholder withdrawals, the cardholder name will be updated in the system.

The above section of the clickbank will include details on how to setup your account, what credit limits are, and a short background on how to get a credit card. While reading these accounts, students will also learn the importance of online banking, credit card’s, and how to use it effectively.


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