How to make ceo

“She said…oh she said”.

When you were a little girl studying to be a Toastmasters, you didn’t know that one of the world’s greatest leaders has had that name for her whole life?

At the age of 23, She was appointed as the 23rd Chair of the United Nations “Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Well, who would have thought that???

What are her views on leadership?

“Leadership is all about building a constituency”.

She is 5 years at PACE now, what is about her experience she experiences today. But what do we learn?

“Really raising a younger generation of leaders”.

What’s she strategies to do that?

“Currently, I’m running a number of projects for the United Nations, and I think it’s important to get this group up to 100 young people so that we know how to apply what we have learned,” she said.

“In my position as the Secretary General of Toastmasters, I collaborate with a number of other different international organizations. This puts me in a good position to grow and be able to be an influence outside of my job. I also get to learn from them.”

“With having the privilege of working with organizations like the foundation, the purpose of the organization is almost certainly to improve the lives of others. There are many young people around the world who are in a tough position to make change but lack inspiration. I’ve heard the buzz of a lot of young people wanting to do this. I’m the type of leader who jumps at the opportunity to learn and help the young people of the world.”

“Often a good leader will have peers who have some important leadership experiences to share. I think a lot of young people who may be good at leadership go unnoticed when those leaders have had a struggle in their life but perhaps have a little less experience. That should never be an excuse to not be better. We all have insecurities. I think if you have a good group of peers that share your vision and some values, the results will be far better than when we’re being mentored by a so-called older person.”

“I don’t have any recommendations or authors on how to be an effective leader. It’s quite easy to have top-of-mind answers that are usually good enough and you lose touch with your own intuition.”

“I am fairly agnostic about leadership styles. I find most leaders seem to have some underlying style that most of us emulate. In some ways, leadership is about being a good listener, but that’s not my style. So I think it’s difficult to learn a new model of leadership. What I do think is that it’s important to have examples in which you have seen what a leader looks like, and how they act, because when you start changing the bar higher than what’s been done already, it can be more difficult to accomplish than it seems.”

“People need to know that the challenge is bigger than oneself. You can’t push things on people when they don’t want to. It takes more than thinking outside the box and there has to be a mechanism of trust and transparency, which we all know about, which is all part of leadership.”


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